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2023/06/27 YHDW Coffee Truck

[ Utopia的辛苦了咖啡車應援 ]
유토피아의 폭싹 속았수다 커피차 서프트
Utopia's Coffee Truck Support for YHDW
咖啡車影片播放了應援文案中所提到的歌曲:Ah puh、Drama和冬眠。咖啡車應援所用的圖片,也都是在濟州島拍攝的照片(新劇以1950年代的濟州島為背景)。
🎊橫幅 濟州島方言IU三行詩:
(以下4句改編Ah puh歌詞)
Utopia的(英文of跟Ah puh同音)應援
IU- 以IU喜歡的紫色訂製而成的花籃。插上了我們送出的禮物照片以及5月在台灣舉辦的生日四格拍貼
朴寶劍- 以朴寶劍手燈顏色訂製而成的花籃。卡片內容是朴寶劍三行詩(雖然不是朴寶劍演員的粉絲站,但是長得好帥
辛苦了 拍攝 加油!- IU台灣粉絲站Utopia致上-)
- 手寫信
- 餐車模型(U站以往送出的咖啡車)
- 馬鈴薯玩偶(劇情描述愛順是精幹的小馬鈴薯)
- 羊駝玩偶(應援色;劇情描述愛順反抗時聲音像山羊一樣)
- 珍奶玩偶(可以在應援色之間變換)
- 髮夾(紫羅蘭&波斯菊)
- 紫色日記本(IU喜歡寫日記)
- U站訂製音波戒指(設計巧思:
- 應援手冊(紀錄U站以往的應援)
- 撲克牌(設計巧思:
- 各式台灣傳統可樂糖果
📍Utopia received the support notice on May 29th at first, but went through sudden changes in schedules for 3 times. Utopia was finally able to send our coffee truck support on June 27th.
At the hot filming site, Utopia provided drinks, cronuts, and shaved ice, along with our self-made playing card as a little surprise for the staff. Among the various options, IU ordered cookies and cream shaved ice. Shaved ice was so popular that we increased the serving quantity on the spot.
The coffee truck video played the songs mentioned in our support content: Ah puh, Drama and Winter Sleep. The pictures used are also photos taken in Jeju Island (the new drama is set in Jeju Island in the 1950s).
Utopia has sent IU's gift to the company, and asked the coffee truck to deliver flowers and cakes on site. In addition, Utopia also prepared flower baskets for the leading actor - Park Bogum. We hope that the crew and leading actors can have a happy, cool and smooth filming in this hot summer~
📍Coffee truck content translation
🎊H.Banner IU acrostic poem in Jeju Island dialect:
You Have Done Well (drama title)
Come here
Stay with UAENA for a bit
Support for everyone on the crew of YHDW and actress IU
(The following 4 sentences are adapted from the lyrics of Ah puh)
Smart baby potatoe,
Can stand the heat?
Taiwanese UAENA won't leave~
Aesoon must come!
Support of (Ah puh) Utopia
🎊Photo zone:
A drama that tells a life full of adventures in four seasons
A playing card that tells a life of IU in four seasons
🎊 Sticker:
The main character of the whole world (Drama lyrics)
From IU's Taiwan Fandom Utopia
🎊Flower baskets:
IU- A custom-made flower basket in IU's favorite purple color. Inserted the photo of the gifts we sent and the birthday four-cut photo post held in Taiwan in May.
Park Bogum - A custom-made flower basket in the color of Park Bogum's lightstick. The content of the card is Park Bogum's acrostic poem (although we are not the fansite of actor Park Bogum, but you are so handsome.
YHDW Filming Fighting! - From IU's Taiwan fandom Utopia-)
🎊 Cake:
Six small cupcakes made of six 6th gen land starfish and succulents surrounding the bead (Yoo Inna's nickname for IU)
- Handwritten letter
- Coffee truck models (sent by Utopia in the past)
- Potato dolls (plot description of Aesoon)
- Alpaca doll (UAENA color; plot description of Aesoon)
- Boba doll (can be changed between cheering colors UAENA colors)
- Barrettes (Violet & Cosmos)
- Purple diary (IU likes to write diary)
- Customized sonic ring by Utopia (design idea:
- Support booklet (records the past support of Utopia)
- Playing cards (design idea:
- Various traditional Taiwanese cola candies
cr. Utopia
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