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2023/09/23-24 1+UNIVER5E Fan Concert Rice Wreath

[ 2023/09/23 아이유시 粉絲演唱會米花籃&中秋禮物 ]
팬콘서트 쌀화환과 추석 선물
Fan Concert Rice Wreath and Chuseok Gift
1. 左右兩邊的文案都是15個字,背景色是15週年展覽印出的文字中有一個是說最近比起紫色更喜歡溫暖的黃色。
2. 15x2是30,今年30歲。153KG對應IU出道15週年以及Utopia創站3週年。
3. 珠子和知恩尼是最喜歡的暱稱。
4. 內容對應問卷20&22的回答內容 。
5. 左右兩邊的藝術家和畫家看向中間的作品(2個塗鴉畫作也是出自問卷)。
除了準備了一份給IU的禮物,為了感謝IU Team和保鏢人員長久以來守護在IU身邊,在臨近中秋佳節之際,U站送上了台灣特產給他們在進行粉絲演唱會時可以補充糖份並祝福他們度過幸福的中秋節。
打擊樂手tag IU並回覆:
To celebrate the 15th debut anniversary,
1. The phrases on the left and right sides have 15 letters, and the background color is warm yellpw because IU said she recently preferred it to purple on the 15th debut anniversary exhibition note.
2. 15x2 is 30, IU is 30 years old this year. 153KG corresponds to the 15th debut anniversary of IU and the 3rd anniversary of Utopia’s founding.
3. Bead and Jingni are IU's favorite nicknames.
4. The phrased corresponds to the answers to questionnaires no. 20&22.
5. The artist and painter on the left and right look at the work in the middle (the two graffiti paintings are also from the questionnaire).
Above the big picture: IU’s 15th anniversary fan concert
Phrase on the left: I want to see bead in Taiwan as soon as possible
Phrase on the right: The event genius wants to surprise Jingni
Questionnaire translation:

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