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2024/03/02-10 H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL Rice Wreath

[ 2024/03/02 아이유시 IU世巡首爾場米花籃 ]
H.E.R. 서울콘 쌀화환
H.E.R. Seoul Concert Rice Wreath
為慶祝H.E.R.世巡和'The Winning'新專發行,
1. 文案內容為「致從未留下UAENA獨自一人的IU,想要培養無盡的愛給妳。UAENA致上」
此內容改自Love wins all的歌曲介紹。主照片也選用與Love wins all MV類似的鏡頭照。
2. 0124在韓文BB.Call用語是「永遠愛妳」,同時也是Love wins all的發行日,所以我們特別選擇捐出124公斤的米花籃。
To celebrate H.E.R. wolrd tour and the release of new album 'The Winning',
1. Phrase content "To IU who has never left UAENA alone, we have cultivated endless love for you. From UAENA"
This content is rephrased from the track intro of Love wins all and the main photo is also selected due to its similarity of lens usage in Love wins all MV.
2. 0124 means "I will love you forever" in Korean pager code, and it is also the release date of Love wins all, so we chose to donate 124KG of rice.
cr. Utopia
#IU #李知恩 #아이유 #이지은 #dlwlrma

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